How to add dependents on TR to PR open work permit application

How to add dependents on TR to PR open work permit application

The new open work permit for essential workers and international student graduates is here until December 31, 2022. Applicants to the temporary residence to permanent residence (TR to PR) pathways can also add their family members to the bridging open work permit.

The new open work permit opened July 26, specifically for TR to PR applicants in Canada. It allows them to keep working while they wait on the results of their application for permanent residence if they do not get a decision before their current status expires.

These principal applicants can also include their family members on the work permit. Family members have to also be in Canada and meet the work permit’s eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for family members

Firstly, the principal applicant must have named you as an immediate family member on their application for permanent residence. According to the government of Canada, immediate family applies to the spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children.

Children age 18 and older can be included on the work permit. Younger kids may be able to get a study permit or study without one if both parents are in Canada and not on a visitor’s visa.

Family members will also have to submit documents at the time the principal applicant is applying. Depending on your situation, you may need marriage certificates, birth certificates, or the Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union if you are in a common-law relationship. You will also need a copy of the generic immigration form, IMM 0008, where the principal applicant listed you as a family member.

If the immigration officer has any concerns about the genuineness of the relationship, they may ask for more information. They will want to confirm that your relationship is genuine and is not a relationship of convenience for the purposes of immigration.

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