Our special offer for you You can train and charge the fees!

Our student applicants who are skilled in a variety of areas and fields are trained in HireImm how to do the job given to them as acceptable as possible, taking into account the technical, behavioral and professional knowledge required in the multinational culture of Canada.

We can give you access to the pool of such skilled applicants to choose the one that fits perfectly for your job position. However, we don’t propose a candidate to you.

Since we are recognized for the quality of what we do, the training courses are held ONLY for applicants with following specifications:

    • Ready to start working ASAP (depending on applicable conditions),
    • Educated in variety of fields and from high school diploma, bachelor, master to PhD;
    • Fresh graduates or experienced juniors and seniors;
    • Clear criminal records;
    • Great work ethics; and
    • Trustworthy!

Most of the time, employers find the candidate appropriate; however, they don’t have the time or condition to train them on specific technical points as they expect them to already have that knowledge….

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The good news is that
We assist you to train your candidates, before hiring them!

You can share with us the educational content for specific positions you intend to hire for, or you may do that directly at your own workplace and the candidates who are interested to take the job can apply and pay the fees.

If you have any questions on the programs we are conducting, contact us!