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Hiring Foreign Workers

In HireImm, we aim to promote talents in Canada and Foreign Workers capabilities in order for them to find the job they desire and deserve, while helping Employers train the appropriate candidates they find, before hiring them!

SUPPORTS Employers

TRAIN, HIRE and KEEP Skilled talents and Foreign Workers

LONG term

SUPPORTS Applicants

TRAIN, LEAD and PLACE you for the right job

In Canada



We are honest and fair. That’s why people trust us and rely on our words.


We always take responsibility for what we say!​


We provide services and we do them well.

Respect for people

We have deep respect for all human beings, no matter where from.

If you believe we can help you, contact us!

Looking for job in Canada

Hi! Great to See You!

In HireImm we are looking for you because we know you are seeking a job in Canada and interested in getting a work permit or permanent residency.

How we can help you


If you have a successful business or you intend to enhance it by hiring talents, contact us!


If you are a student, experienced technician, or educated and experienced expert in your field and intend to immigrate to Canada, contact us!


I believe this was a very good choice for me to make because I connected with you
Sarah Samavati
They are honest and professional, they know their business well and know exactly what to do. I highly recommend them
Navid Bokaei
What I appreciate most about working with you is your honesty and support throughout this journey. I am so grateful.
Rafaello Martinez